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  • Bridalmake-up

  • Incl. 1 tryout*

  • Incl. advies
  • Incl. material en extra products (incl. false wimpers)
  • Incl . bridalmake-up on your wedding day on your desired location                    

  •     Exc. transportation costs


  • Bridal hairstyle

  • Incl. 1 tryout*

  • Incl. bridal hairstyle on your place or on the location on your wedding day

  • Incl. material likes Pins and good styling producten

 Excl. transportation cost

Accessories such as a Tiara, pins or padding can be purchased from

me during your test session, but you can of course bring them yourself.

*Possible to book a second trial session for an additional fee. 

BrIDALstyling HaIr & Make-up:

  • Bridalmake-up en hair styling
  • Incl. 1 tryout Hair & Make-up *

  • Incl. Bridal make-up en hairstyle on your wedding day on your desired location
  • Incl. possible false lashes

  • Incl. assistance with dressing (if desired) 
  • Incl. touch upafter dressing (back and décolleté) 

  • Possibly to book a second trial session at extra cost.

Bridalstyling Hair & Make-up

VIP Treatment:

VIP TREATMENT Bridalstyling

  • Incl. Bridalmake-up and hair styling on your wedding day on your desired location

  • Incl. 1 tryout Make-up en hairstyle on desired location

  • Incl. touch up Hair en Make-up on your location
  • Incl. possible false lashes

  • Incl. 2 x brows depilation (during your tryout and on your wedding day)

  • Incl. manicure
  • Incl. 1 special guest Hair en Make-up

  • Incl. help with dressing (if desired) 

  • Possibly to book an extra trial session at extra cost


  • Transportation per km. (from Montfoort.)

  • Touch up hair en make-up on party location

€ 0,20,-

€ 135,-

  • Rental of Clip in Extensions for 1 day

€ 45,-
  • Purchase Clip in Extensions

€ 99,-
  • Manicure en lacquer

€ 30,-
  • eyebrows depilation (during a trial session and on the wedding day itself)
€ 20,-

Special guest( in combnation with bride):

  • Make-up bridesmaids/ bride's mother/witnesses  p.p

€ 45,-
  • Hairbridesmaids/ bride's mother/witnesses  p.p 

€ 40,-
  • Combination Hair and Make-up

€ 80,-
  • eyebrows depilation
€ 15,-
  • false lashes (for 1 day)
€ 10,-
  • nails paint/lacquer
€ 10,-
  • Hair & make-up for bridesmaids t/m 10 jaar
€ 15,-

All above mentioned prices are incl. 21% BTW, except if this is mentioned

Excl trip, expense allowance and parking costs calculated from Montfoort.

As a bride, you obviously want to be sure that I keep the date available to you. Since I plan everything months in advance and often receive several requests for the same day, I would like to be certain of your reservation.

If you book a bridal arrangement with me, I ask you for a deposit of 100 euros. I will send you an invoice for this. You can pay the remaining amount one week before the wedding day. Should there be unexpected additional guests, this payment may take place on the wedding day itself.

For bookings, special requests or more information you can call (0031) 6 2339648 or mail to

I would love to hear from you! / Me encantaría saber de ti!